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Women wrestling submission holds

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While some stretches rely entirely on the acting ability of the opponent to sell them as painful or debilitating, many are legitimately effective when fully applied. Madeline zima feet. Female Warriors Submission Ropes V Necks Globe Wwe Wrestling 10 Years Division Forward.

From a front facelock in a sprawl position, the attacker grabs the opponent's wrist with his free arm and steps over his foe, folding his opponent over. Women wrestling submission holds. Combining elements of the Boston Crab and the Figure-Four Leglock, the wrenching submission ties up an opponent's legs in a way that's nearly impossible to escape and puts serious pressure on the lower back.

The wrestler faces his opponent, who is bent forward. Jun Akiyama uses a modified version which he calls the King Crab Lock. Taylor lautner and robert pattinson naked. WWE WWE Championship WWE Universal Championship WWE Intercontinental Championship WWE United States Championship WWE Raw Tag Team Championship WWE Raw Women's Championship WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship WWE Smackdown Women's Championship WWE Cruiserweight Championship WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The attacker then reaches across his opponent's hips with his same leg if the opponent's head is tucked underneath the right armpit, he will use his right leg so as to trap their opponent's same leg and prevent their escape.

TAGS AJ Brooks Beth Phoenix Catrina Gail Kim Jazz Natalya. The gogoplata is executed from a guard. A modified version of the Katahajime judo choke, the maneuver allowed the former World Tag Team Champion to take down top competitors like Bam Bam Bigelow, Mike Awesome and Chris Jericho and capture the ECW Championship on multiple occasions. The wrestler proceeds to lean back pulling on the leg under the armpit. Soothe Your Entertainment Conscience With Our Celebrity Homecoming - 20 WTF Moments.

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Gory special , retrieved Cherry uses this variation quite often. Xvideo free video. The attacker then reaches across his opponent's hips with his same leg if the opponent's head is tucked underneath the right armpit, he will use his right leg so as to trap their opponent's same leg and prevent their escape. The wrestler then kneels down on the opponents back, locking the opponent's arm behind his knee in the process. In later years, the brutal maneuver was regularly performed by Chavo Guerrero in tribute to his legendary grandfather.

Bridge Collar tie Eye-gouging Fish-hooking Holds Hooks Ippon Seoinage Muay Thai clinch Nelson hold Overhook Stacking Sprawl Sweep Takedown Transition Underhook.

The wrestler grabs hold of one his opponent's arms, wraps his legs around the opponent's throat and arm in a figure four and squeezes. Women wrestling submission holds. Originally Posted by Jimshine View Post. The wrestler then uses their free arm to pull the opponents arm the same side arm as the one the wrestler is applying the half nelson and pulls it across the face of the opponent and locks their hand to the wrist behind the neck to make the opponent submit.

The inventor of maneuvers like the Camel Clutch which he called La de a Caballo , Guerrero's favorite hold was the Gory Special, a modified backbreaker that he used to pummel the spines of legends like Lou Thesz. Paige potentially charged with battery following incident with Alberto El Patron. Massage sex video mobile. The wrestler applies an Inverted facelock to a seated opponent and places his far leg between the opponent's legs and pushes his near leg's knee against the opponent's back.

WWE Diva Melina is also known for using this move.

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Same as the stump puller, but the wrestler first bends the opponent's leg over the other knee before pulling up on the straight leg while pushing down the bent leg.

Though this is an often used rest hold, it is also sometimes the beginning of a standard bulldog move. Raw, July 17, John Cena, Nikki Bella, Stephanie McMahon and other WWE personalities join the sports world at the ESPYs. The big man's version of the Argentine backbreaker, Luger performed the move by hoisting an opponent's entire body onto his shoulders, grabbing their head with one hand and their leg with the other and then cranking up and down until an opponent's spine became a chiropractor's worst nightmare.

The opponent will thus be on their back, with one of the attacker's legs under the victim's upper back and hooking their free arm. Click on the arrow below to see our first featured submission. Squatting and twisting to the side, the attacker flexes the opponent's back and stretches their abdomen. Women wrestling submission holds. With the opponent lying face down, the wrestler sits beside the opponent, facing the same way, locks on the cobra clutch, and then arches his legs and back, bending the opponent's torso and neck upwards.

The pressure can cause the other wrestler to guff loud and hard. With the opponent lying face down on the mat, the wrestler grabs hold of shin of one of the opponent's legs and wraps his legs around the leg. Girl porn movies. A submission hold colloquially referred to as a " submission " is a combat sports term for a grappling hold which is applied with the purpose of forcing an opponent to submit out of either extreme pain or fear of injury.

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